Ecological technology vs technological ecology

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Currently, it is increasingly necessary that technology leverage and support the idea of a green world, respectful of the environment and sustainable development, to try to reduce the negative impact that the human being has on the planet.

For this reason it is quite common to find that ecology is taking up spaces within the agenda of technological innovations, an example of which are the following inventions:

  1. Sustainable green housing: this type of housing uses technology to reduce electricity consumption, for this purpose they have solar panels, take advantage of rainwater and are built in the most appropriate way to take advantage of the sun (both by its light and by her heat); In addition, they are respectful of the environment and the original ecosystems, in order to establish a horizontal relationship between the ecosystem and the house.
  2. External batteries for cell phones: that are portable and recharged with the sun, so that they can transform solar energy into charge for the device.
  3. Cube for hydroponic crops: a sample of this is the Green Cube of the Chinese company XYZ, which is a box that allows to grow various vegetables, anywhere during any period of the year, since it allows to maintain certain conditions of temperature, humidity , etc.
  4. Greenerator: This is an invention that is still in the design stage, based on the idea of taking the energy of the sun and the wind to generate the energy that a home requires to operate the washing machine, the computer, the lights, etc., achieving an important saving in electric power.
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